ReCNTR is an interdisciplinary research centre focused on promoting multimodal and audiovisual research methods in social science and the humanities. It is supported by the Institute of Cultural Anthropology, the Institute of Political Science, the Center of the Arts in Society at Leiden University and by the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The centre is premised on the acknowledgement of a “post-textual turn” in our disciplines, and ambitions to promote practices of making in a novel economy of knowledge production. It is aimed at bringing together researchers around the idea that making – as in filmmaking, photographing, drawing, etc. –  are forms of thinking, and thus important methodologies for social science and humanities. “Making” is not understood as separate from, or in dialogue with, scientific work, but as a practice and methodology of scientific work. The centre’s concrete mission is thus to provide as space – both physical and intellectual – for established and emerging scholars in the social sciences and humanities dispersed within and outside Leiden University, as well as artists and makers interested in engaging with social science and humanities, in order to facilitate the development of this new research agenda. 


Francesco Ragazzi, Associate Professor, Institute of Political Science
Julian Ross, Assistant Professor, Center for the Arts in Society
Mark Westmoreland, Associate Professor, Institute for Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology.


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